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Our Vision & Purpose


Our culture is the foundational characteristic that sets us apart. We’re established on principles of teamwork and self-improvement.

Client First

No amount of success is ever worth the sacrifice of integrity. Our client’s needs always come first and we do all in our power to leave people much better than who they were when they come to us.


We don’t try to be good at everything. We focus on being the best at one thing and that’s mortgages. Our aim is to be the premier broker in the United States.


Our company is growing rapidly. Hundreds of the nation's top loan officers have joined Barrett Financial Group.


We focus on fit over experience. The right person with the right attitude can trump decades of experience any day. For this reason, we hire the right individuals whether they have decades of experience or are brand new to the mortgage industry.

Team Model

Joining our team means joining a proven production model that delivers high volume and exceptional customer service. Each Member is to master their role on the team and stay in their lane to help everyone excel together.